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Where can you get your tickets?

There are several ways to acquire your access, remember in your sight you will always be accompanied by a guide.

Información importante:

We recommend you bring your printed ticket or screen copy on your cell phone since the internet signal in the garden may be limited.


We seek respect and enjoyment of the work and a more agile access, help us NOT buying from resellers plan your visit.


Acquire your accesses with 24 hrs. 60 days in advance and get the best price and guarantee your access / Max. 15 tickets per purchase

*If you plan your visit with less than 24 hrs. purchase your tickets at our remote lockers.

  • Prices $135 adults
  • From 6 to 12 years old and over 65 years old $80
  • Tour in English at 10 and 15 hrs.
  • Direct access to virtual box office


Acquire your accesses in Xilitla to enter the same day.

Donation in cash or card.

Limited access / Max. 8 tickets per purchase

Tours in English 10 and 15 hrs.

  • Remote box office / Plaza Xilitla
  • Prices $160 adults from 6 to 12 years old and under and over 65 years old $80
  • Hours 7:00 am to 3:00 pm from Wednesday to Monday
    Ticket Office Location Click Here
  • Residents of Xilitla free of charge presenting their INE at the box office. The INE must have an address from Xilitla / Community support program implemented since the opening of the garden.

Remember 5% of your purchase will be contributed by the Edwad James Sculpture Garden, Las Pozas to the Municipality of Xilitla for the strengthening of the municipality in tourism and essential services that contribute to the beautification of the urban sprawl. With your support, the contributions made by the jadín will be allocated by the municipality for tourist infrastructure works and municipal services such as security, garbage collection, lighting, reorganization of commerce, embellishment of accesses, signs, tourist modules, reorganization of commerce. informal. *Agreement valid until September 30, 2024 signed before the Ministry of Tourism and Municipality of Xilita on January 17, 2023.


Make your registration, it will allow you to access preferential hours, at affordable prices and flexible billing. Major operations 15 tickets.


“Eden in the Garden” Private visit, where you will discover the dreamlike landscapes of the Sculpture Garden, its natural settings and the magic of flora and fauna in dialogue with the sculptures designed by the enigmatic character Edward James.

  • Enjoy preferential access and discover exclusive spaces
    Only two experiences a day / Max. 7 people per experiences.
  • Hours 7:30 am and 8:00 am from Wednesday to Monday
    Tour in English, Spanish, French and Italian


Remember the Sculpture Garden is located on a hillside, stairs, ups and downs. It is not a recommended space for people with motor difficulties, heart problems and other limitations.


Wear comfortable shoes with good grip.


Access to pets is not accepted.


You can take photos with your cell phone, digital or mechanical camera as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Access to lighting equipment, tripods or any other equipment that limits circulation is not allowed. If you are interested in photo shoots or commercial productions.

Drones and productions

The use of drones is for the exclusive use of authorized productions and requires a special permit, bond and/or insurance

Parking lot

We do not have parking, take your forecasts.

Health and COVID-19

The use of face masks is recommended during your visit to the garden. It is mandatory to follow the health protocols and recommendations depending on the risk traffic light.


The access of strollers or the like is not allowed.


Access with food is not allowed - We do not have a restaurant.


Know our regulations for a better enjoyment, avoid setbacks and inconveniences


Below we leave you several options from car travel instructions from CDMX, San Luis Potosi and Tampico, bus travel directions and direct links from the Google Maps and Waze applications in case your starting point is a different place. Good trip, we are waiting for you!…

Travel with Google Maps

Press the button and activate your location or write the address from where you visit us.

Travel with Wase

Press the button and activate your location or write the address from where you visit us.


Ciudad de México

Take Highway 57 towards the City of Querétaro. After passing the second toll booth (Palmillas) and after a few kilometers you will find the exit to Tequisquiapan-San Juan del Río. From there, take federal highway 120 towards Jalpan de Serra, enjoying the Sierra Gorda route, designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve for its wide biological diversity. This is a road that should be driven with caution, but it is endowed with incomparable landscapes and impressive Franciscan missions built in the 16th century and declared a World Heritage Site. Once in Jalpan de Serra, continue along the Chimalco-Jalpan highway until you reach Xilitla.

Approximate distance: 422 km
Estimated time: 8 hours.

San Luis Potosí

Take the San Luis Potosí-Matehuala highway. Approximately 62 km. There is the deviation towards the population of Río Verde (highway 70), when arriving at Río Verde, you must take the Route to Ciudad Valles: Locate the Superhighway Río Verde – Ciudad Valles (fee) 5 km. Before reaching Ciudad Valles, there is the bypass to Tamazunchale, there you join the Mexico-Laredo highway (highway 85) heading for Tamazunchale, upon reaching the Y Griega junction, where the distance traveled will be approximately 70 km, you must turn right onto highway 120 towards Xilitla San Luis Potosí.

Approximate distance: 371 km
Estimated time: 4 hours. 30 min.


Take highway 70 from Tampico-Ciudad Valles, next to Ciudad Valles you have to turn towards Tamazunchale on highway 85. After approximately 72 km you will find the junction with highway 120 towards Sierra Gorda, take it until you reach Xilitla.

Approximate distance: 225 km
Estimated time: 3 hours. 30 min.


From la CDMX

Terminal Central de Autobuses del Norte you will find runs on various lines that can take you to the magical town of Xilitla, we recommend you check at the terminal the availability of bus schedules and routes, in Xilitla it is the destination of several agencies.

Estimated time: from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

From Ciudad Valles

In the Central de Autobuses de Ciudad Valles there are two passenger bus lines with different schedules, the services depart every hour.

Estimated time: 2 hours

Distance: 87km

From San Luis Potosí

From SLP at the Central de Autobuses de San Luis Potosí capital, you have to make a first trip to Ciudad Valles, there are 4 bus lines that offer services every hour, once in Ciudad Valles you can follow the indications indicated for this route .

Estimated time: 6 hours

Distance: 373km

From Monterey

From Nuevo Leon

At the Monterrey Bus Station, you can make a direct trip from a bus line, the services and schedules must be verified at the bus station.

Estimated time: 9 hours

Distance: 749km


Know the weather conditions!

Check the weather for the next 10 days

Spring (March 20-June 21)

During this season the dry season extends from December to March and you can find high temperatures in Xilitla that range from 25° to 35° maximum, by mid-April the rainy season returns with punctual and seasonal rains, with cloudless days.

Summer (June 21-September 23)

During this season there is the greatest number of rains in the region, the rains are intense, the temperature cools, but for the month of August there is a reduction in rains and an increase in temperature, for September some of the rains return.

Autumn (September 23-December 21)

For this season, the temperature begins to drop with warm days and the end of the rains of the season, sometimes there are light rains and small showers.

Winter (December 21-March 20)

During this time of the year the garden is transformed, there is the possibility of some winter rains, derived from some cold fronts, there is also a gradual and significant reduction in temperature, sometimes minimum temperatures of 8 °C have been recorded, being a very cold and high humidity.

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