1. The Administration reserves the right of admission.

2. To access the facilities of the Edward James Sculpture Garden, “Las Pozas,” the public visitor must:

  • Show your ticket or bracelet to authorized personnel and/or use it to enter through the automatic turnstiles located at the site entrance.
  • When leaving the Garden, the visitor must show their ticket or bracelet to the Garden staff to register their exit from the place.
  • Local people must show an official document that proves that they are residents of Xilitla.

3. Access to people is prohibited:

  • With food or drinks of any kind.
  • In a state of intoxication or under the influence of toxic substances.
  • With pets.
  • With tripods, tripods, drones or selfie sticks.

4. The consumption of products purchased in the Garden’s stores and restaurants should be limited only to the spaces designated as food areas within the site.

5. The consumption of food and drinks, except bottled water in appropriate containers, is prohibited in any part of the Garden. Signage of any type must be respected, be it restrictive, informative or signaling.

6. The order and direction indicated must be maintained when walking through the walkways.

7. It is strictly prohibited:

  • Circulate through unauthorized areas, both those indicated and those green areas outside the paths or walkways.
  • Cut or mutilate plants, as well as disturb, capture or kill any animal species located within the perimeter of the Garden.
  • The making of graffiti with any type of instrument or paint on the surface of any building, structure or rocks.
  • The consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages inside the Garden and/or “Las Pozas.”
  • Carry out actions that put at risk the integrity of people and the cultural and natural heritage that is protected within the Garden.
  • Verbally or physically attack any person inside the Garden.
  • Any discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disabilities, social or health status, religion, opinions, sexual preferences, marital status or any other that violates human dignity and has for the purpose of annulling or impairing the rights and freedoms of individuals.

8. The visitor must:

  • Abide by the instructions of the Garden staff, as well as the recommendations of the guides authorized by the Administration.
  • Use without exception the sanitary facilities of the Garden for the realization of their physiological needs.
  • Swim at your own risk in the La Conchita River and in “Las Pozas.” The Edward James Sculpture Garden, “Las Pozas” is not responsible for bumps or accidents that occur within these areas.

9. The staff of the Garden is not authorized to store personal belongings or luggage of visitors, therefore the Garden is not responsible for the loss of personal property or theft of the same.

10. If you want to film or take photographs for school, cultural, personal or commercial purposes, it will be necessary to have the prior permissions granted by the Board of Directors of the Edward James Sculpture Garden, “las Pozas” and by the Pedro and Elena Hernández Foundation. , A.C.

11. Access to the Garden with photographic equipment considered by the Administration to be professional, including: tripods, lights, bouncers, drones, etc. is prohibited.

12. Any person who violates these regulations will be referred by this Administration to the corresponding authorities and will be asked to leave the place without any reimbursement of the amount paid upon entering.


The administration

Sculpture Garden of Edward James, “Las Pozas” Pedro and Elena Hernández Foundation, A.C.

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