For reasons of conservation and quality of the visit, the number of daily entrances to the Edward James Sculpture Garden “Las Pozas” is limited. Due to the great existing demand, it is recommended to buy the ticket in advance.

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to take into account

General public



The Garden has established that the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per person per day is 15 units. The time of entry to the Edward James Las Pozas Sculpture Garden is printed on the reservation. Said time must be strictly respected, otherwise the right of access will be lost and the donation will not be refunded.


Customer service

For more information and clarification on the purchase of tickets, please write to or call 4891238548 during our office hours from Wednesday to Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Remember 5% of your purchase will be contributed by the Edwad James Sculpture Garden, Las Pozas to the Municipality of Xilitla for the strengthening of the municipality in tourism and essential services that contribute to the beautification of the urban sprawl. With your support, the contributions made by the jadín will be allocated by the municipality for tourist infrastructure works and municipal services such as security, garbage collection, lighting, reorganization of commerce, embellishment of accesses, signs, tourist modules, reorganization of commerce. informal. *Agreement valid until September 30, 2024 signed before the Ministry of Tourism and Municipality of Xilita on January 17, 2023.


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1. Print your reservation number or take it on the screen of your mobile device.
2. Show up 10 minutes before the time that appears on your ticket. Because the guided tours are organized at fixed times, we ask you to be punctual.
3. The Garden has particular visiting conditions. Please review the regulations and information for the visit beforehand.



  • The maximum number of tickets per family per day is 15 units.
  • The number of tickets per older adult must be accredited with an INAPAM credential.
  • No changes will be made on site.
  • The visit is not recommended for people with reduced mobility.
  • For the safety of visitors, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothing (no heels or sandals).

  • If you want to take photography and video with professional equipment, you must request a special permit and make your payment prior to the visit. Enter the following link: LINK.

The visit to the Garden is carried out only with authorized guides in a group visit, the number of people who can enter during the visit will be determined according to the traffic lights due to the COVID-19 pandemic in which the municipality of Xilitla is located as of the date of entry that appears on the ticket.

Almost nine hectares of garden where there are 27 buildings, structures and sculptures.

Photo credit: Google Arts & Culture

A surreal place...



1. Abide by company policies; By paying your ticket online you are accepting our policies and the new way of operating.
2. During the visit, it is necessary to follow the safety and health instructions of the Garden staff: surveillance, administrative staff and authorized guides.
3. We ask you to help us keep a healthy distance, as well as to make use of the antibacterial gel that is found both at the entrance and in the different stations located inside the garden. Likewise, body temperature will be taken by our staff before entering the site. The use of face masks during your stay is essential.
4. It is not allowed to enter with: pets (except service animals), bulky objects, food, alcoholic beverages, Styrofoam containers, speakers or high-heeled shoes. It is possible to enter with bottles of water.
5. If you wish to enter with drones, tripods, professional photographic equipment or carry out photographic or video sessions, it is necessary to process prior permission.
6. For health reasons there will be no voluntary permanence, that is, your tour will be guided from start to finish in groups of 25 people and you will not be able to separate from your group at any time to carry out any other activity. The tour lasts an hour and a half.
7. The guided tour is mandatory and has an extra cost of $25 pesos to your ticket, on site you will be assigned the responsible guide who is the one you will have to pay.
8. For your safety and that of everyone, the Las Pozas area will only be for visual appreciation during your tour.
9. Once you have purchased your tickets online, you must show them to our staff upon arrival at the first filter in order to gain access to JEEJ.
10. Everyone must present themselves on the date stipulated on their purchase ticket with a face mask, preferably reusable, with this we will avoid environmental contamination.
11. If you purchased your tickets in advance and you got sick with a cough and flu, contact us via email to find out how to reschedule your visit without being affected.
12. For the conservation and respect of the natural environment, do not scratch, cut or remove plants from the Garden.
13. Any person caught performing their physiological needs in the public areas of the Garden will be immediately expelled.
14. The Garden reserves the right to refuse or revoke the admission of any visitor whose conduct violates these rules.
15. The visit to the Garden is carried out only with authorized guides in a group visit, the number of people that can enter during the visit will be determined according to the traffic lights due to the COVID-19 pandemic in which the municipality of Xilitla is up to date. the date of entry that appears on the ticket.